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Apr 21 Liz & Lisa's Book Club interview

Apr 22  DigiWriting "I Am a Writer" interview

Apr 25  Readful Things  review

"The thoughtful prose and highly quotable phrases in

this novel are not few and far between. This is a book

that will make you wonder how lucky you are to be you

in this moment, make you think about the people you

know who have not been so lucky, and make you realise

that your problems may be small in comparison."

Apr 30 ​ Women Fiction Writers guest post, "Are Likable

Characters Important in Women's Fiction?"

May 1  KT Book Reviews review

"A very powerful story that is compelling yet heartbreaking but very beautifully written. This would be an ideal choice for group reads and discussions." 

May 1  She Treads Softly review

"A very highly recommended novel about a suicide standoff and a woman trying to come up with the inner strength to make it through the horrific day."

May 1  Huffington Post interview with Brandi Megan Granett, "Choose This Day: Author Kathryn Craft on Healing with Fiction"

May 1 ​ Blood-Red Pencil guest post, "How Layers Can Deepen Your Story's Impact"

May 3  Writer Unboxed guest post, "Tips for Novelizing True Events"

May 3  Texas Library Lady review

"THE FAR END OF HAPPY, written by Kathryn Craft, is one of the great reads that grabs you and refuses to let you go until the conclusion of the book. Craft's ability to pull you into the story and make you feel a part of the action is amazing."
May 4  Book Reviews & More by Kathy review

"Powerful. Intense. Emotional. Gut wrenching. While all of these adjectives fit THE FAR END OF HAPPY I believe that “heartbreaking” is probably the one that comes closest to describing this riveting novel."

May 5  Confessions of the Perfect Mom review

"OMG this book was amazing! It was so powerful and moving...it needs to be on your summer read list."

May 5  Books I Think You Should Read review

"I'd recommend this novel for anyone that is looking for a more serious read... I now want to read the author's first book, The Art of Falling, too, if it's as good as this book was."
May 6  Always with a Book guest post, "Reinventing Self as Character"

May 9  Debutante Ball fun Q&A

May 9  Mallory Heart Reviews:

"If the reader doesn't come away from this novel soul-wrenched, tear ducts dried out from crying, mind full of the characters—well, that reader must have read with eyes, ears, and heart closed. THE FAR END OF HAPPY is an extraordinarily compelling book, founded in an extraordinary comprehension of human nature, addiction, denial---and love, familial bonds, and character strength and integrity. It will be without a doubt a BEST of 2015. I can't praise it highly enough!"

May 9  Tigerlily Books review

"Ronnie is an engaging character and I was able to feel her pain as she struggled with the impact her decisions are likely to make. This story is an important one and Kathryn Craft tells it well drawing from her own personal experience of suicide. THE FAR END OF HAPPY is based on true events from the author's past and Craft blends her own story effortlessly with fiction. She tackles the subject sensitively and gives deep insight into the minds of the loved ones touched by suicide. It's a novel packed with emotion and the 12 hour time-scale really ramps up the tension."

May 11  Velvet Morning Press guest post, "3 Challenges of Writing a Novel About True Events​"

May 11  Tasha Seegmiller blog spotlight, review

"I completely adored the book - thought about it when I wasn't reading it which is an extraordinary compliment. It was stunning in so many ways."

May 12  Geek Heaven review

"An emotional, brutal and beautiful story about love, life and the prospect of death. About losing and finding oneself in situations that can seem hopeless. About finding faith in the darkest of moments if one looks for it in the right places. Above all, it is a story about family. The love and the hurt, and everything in between."

May 13  Till Then Smile Often review

"Deeply moving, fast paced, heart wrenching, yet remaining hopeful." 

May 14  Cathy Lamb blog Author-to-Author interview

May 20  Traveling with T guest post, "What Makes Great Book Club Fiction"

May 20  Lesley Lindsay blog interview

May 20  The Undercover Soundtrack, guest post on mystical role radio played in the writing of The Far End of Happy

May 29  Girls Just Reading review

"THE FAR END OF HAPPY is an intense novel. It will stir up all types of feelings in you, they won't all be easy to deal with at times. Ms. Craft does an excellent job of making you feel like you are right there with Ronnie, Janet and Beverly. These characters and what they have gone through will stay with you for a long time after you close the novel."