2017 Book Club Bookings

Contact me if you'd like me to join in on your book club discussion by FaceTime or Skype. If my schedule will allow it, I'm there! Talking about literature is my favorite way to get to know people.

"Thanks so much, Kathryn, for the time you spent with our book group Sunday night. You were fantastic. That’s a unanimous opinion. It was the most spirited discussion we’ve had in a while. We usually talk about the book for a bit, then veer off into other matters. You’ve created a passionate group of fans—all waiting anxiously for your next book to come out in May. I know I’m looking forward to it." 
—Sandra Cody, PA

Jan 7  5 pm, THE ART OF FALLING, Alicia Sehn dance teachers' book club, Hatfield, PA

Jan 14  10 am author visit, Bookworms Anonymous Facebook Group

Mar 1  7:30 pm, THE FAR END OF HAPPY, Deirdre Shaffer Book Club, Doylestown, PA

Apr 20  5–6 pm author visit, Bookworms Anonymous Facebook Group

Apr 30 ​ THE FAR END OF HAPPY, Anna Peterson book club, Fort Washington, PA​

Jun 5  11 am, THE ART OF FALLING, Barnes & Noble Southmont, Easton, PA

​Jul 9–15  Hosting BLOOM on Facebook—please join our community of supportive readers, run by the Tall Poppy Writers! 

​​​Kathryn Craft author

photo: Donna Galanti