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Is your manuscript ready for publication?  Assessing the publication readiness of your own writing is difficult. The magnitude of the process obstructs objectivity. Words and images accumulate over time, research multiplies, characters refuse to stick to the outline, and after several drafts, you suspect you may have lost touch with your original intentions. Or is it…could it be…brilliant? If only you could run the whole manuscript past someone knowledgeable…

That's where writing-partner.com can help. Honest, detached, and comprehensive feedback from an experienced developmental editor will give you the feedback and guidance you need.

When I sit down with a book I demand an entertaining and meaningful read, don’t you? As your writing partner, I will not let you stop short of achieving that goal. I have great passion for what I do. Those who know me would tell you that I have applied my all to everything I have done in life and I will bring that experience and vitality to your manuscript. I urge the writers I work with to reach for nothing less than excellence. I love contributing to a winning team, and everyone wins when they are willing to do their very best! 

The success of our partnership will depend greatly on the time you've devoted to learning the craft and your openness to critique. 

My interests
I am not a perfect fit for every manuscript. Why? Subjectivity reigns at every level of this industry; learning to target your work effectively begins in the writing and continues in choosing an editor. My fiction interests range from literary to mainstream in most genres (in horror and thriller, character-driven stories only, and in romance, mainstream only), young adult, and middle grade; in nonfiction, memoir and narrative nonfiction. I have particular expertise with novels based on true events and novels written by former journalists, because these works face specific challenges.

Manuscript Evaluation
Manuscripts submitted to writing-partner.com receive a comprehensive Manuscript Evaluation—indeed, its comprehensive nature is what sets apart this service. In addition to mark-ups on the page, this customized, written critique will identify your project's strengths and missed opportunities, and let you know whether your major story elements are working for you. 

I will evaluate storytelling structure and writing mechanics, and suggest specific modifications or, if need be, point you toward general areas of study that will deepen your understanding. I will comment on anything that I’m having trouble “buying” (but will not promise to verify your research). I'll edit for continuity. Would some spots benefit from increased pace or higher stakes? I'll tell you. Is there potential for your themes and images to work harder for you? I’ll tell you that, too. 

For fiction projects, I will determine the effectiveness of your plot, setting, point of view, and dialogue. For nonfiction, I will comment on voice, focus, the logical presentation of information, and readability. For both, I'll provide feedback on what's working and what could use further development.

The base fee for this service is 3.5 cents per word, which may be adjusted upward depending on the demands of the specific project (plus PA sales tax, if applicable). I will do a test edit of 1,000 words from the middle of the manuscript to see if we're a good fit and to provide a firm quote, but because of the comprehensive nature of my work, I must charge $200 for this. If you choose to work further with me, that sum will serve as the non-refundable $200 down payment needed for clients to hold their place in my queue. All work must be pre-paid before delivery and is non-refundable.

After receiving your evaluation you may request a follow-up call to discuss the project for up to one hour for no additional charge. I ask that you wait one week to allow additional reflection to contribute to your perspective.

Your Novel Year

This is my small-group mentorship program for novelists, which begins each January. Due to the current pandemic, this program has moved fully online, and workshops are held via video conference.

Barbara, a 2018 participant who is now published, wrote: “Kathryn makes every moment count, keeps the energy humming, encourages without coddling, and really knows her stuff. She's always well-prepared, yet eager to seize the 'teachable moments' that are often where the best learning occurs. Her handouts are concise and practical, she's accessible and responsive between sessions, and her feedback is deftly aimed at pushing us toward becoming better and better writers. An outstanding experience!"

The application deadline is December 20. To read more about it, check out this brochure.

Line Edit
After you have received one or more Manuscript Evaluations, and we agree that your project needs only minor tweaking, you may opt for a Line Edit. From scene choice to word choice to every space and punctuation mark, I'll make sure your writing serves your story and represents you well. The fee for this service is $3/page (only available for clients who have purchased one of my manuscript evaluations).

Submission Package Review
If you are getting ready to submit your work to agents and editors—or are receiving a lackluster reaction to your queries—your submission may contain deal-breaking issues you can't detect. Writing-Partner's Submission Package Review will help you put your best foot forward. I will review and edit your query letter, synopsis, and the first ten pages of your manuscript—and let's face it, that's about all the chance you'll get to make an impression with an agent or editor (and if you think that's rough, I make purchasing decisions at the bookstore based on only the first paragraph!). Only $300, this service can be eye-opening and beneficial.

Writing Partner Workshops/Conference Speaker
Reserve a workshop or lecture for your writer’s group, school, or conference. Through examples from published works, writing exercises, or discussion of work submitted in advance, I will lead a workshop discussion that will help participants improve their skills and return to their work with renewed vigor. E-mail me to discuss availability; prices negotiable. Workshops can be tailored to your needs; click here for a list of sample workshops.

​​Not ready to pay for editing services? Read this: Can I Get a Manuscript Evaluation for Free?

Ready to proceed? Let's do this!

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Clients say...

Kathryn is an editor par excellence.  She is thorough and precise.  I appreciated her straightforward and honest approach to my story content.  She was clear on the strengths of my work and what needed to be rethought, refined or recycled.  Her enthusiasm for my novel was infectious, and spurred me on to complete the final much faster than I would have on my own.  I would recommend her to any aspiring novelist without hesitation. 
—JF Althouse, author of 
Second Sight and Second Birth

Kathryn’s feedback regarding my young adult novel went far beyond my expectations. Not only did she provide me with an honest, thorough overview of the large areas of need in my manuscript, but she also provided me with line edits that showed she was invested in my story. After implementing the suggested changes, I utilized the one-hour follow up phone consultation. She helped me brainstorm further character development ideas, and even after hanging up, was kind enough to send a detailed e-mail with further suggestions. Kathryn’s devotion to her clients’ writing is her finest asset. She wants authors to succeed, and I am convinced her suggestions will help me to do so.
—Scott Heydt. author of
 O.Y.L. and Mice Don't Taste Like Chicken

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