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Let's Do This!​

"Kathryn is a superlative editor. She gets right at the heart of what a manuscript needs to improve, but she doesn't just point out the problems: she also provides a road map for how to fix them. She's meticulous, insightful, and gives encouragement as well as critiques. I've used her services numerous times and have never been disappointed."

—Linda Glaser, Staff Writer/Publicist, Cornell University​

Are you ready to consider Writing Partner's editing services?

1. Send me an e-mail.
E-mail me to request services and tell me a bit about your manuscript. Include its genre, page length (when formatted as in #2, below), word count, and a brief synopsis (one paragraph will do). This step will save you time and money—if the project is not well-suited to my talents and interests, I will say so.

2. Mail me your formatted manuscript, SASE included.
Format your manuscript as if you were submitting it to an agent or editor: 

    1-inch margins on all sides
    12 pt. serif font such as Times New Roman
    left justified
    each paragraph indented with no extra space between paragraphs (unless indicating a scene change)
    print only on one side of the page
    use a page break at the end of each chapter

    start new chapter on fresh page and drop down 1/4–1/3 page to number or title chapter
    your last name/title/page number in the header on each page
    include an SASE for return*    

   *I will add any extra postage required by the addition of commentary pages.

3. Pre-pay the invoice I will e-mail to you.
When you are ready to move forward, I'll schedule your services and e-mail you an invoice. All services must be prepaid based on this total estimated cost. If paying via PayPal is more convenient, the invoice will have a link to my PayPal account, where you may deposit funds by credit card or, if you are a PayPal member, through direct deposit from your bank account (3.4% convenience fee applies; PayPal membership is free but is not required for credit card use). Otherwise, you may make a check out to "Kathryn Craft" for the invoice total and send it along with your manuscript via snail mail. My mailing address will be on the invoice.

4. Questions?
Do you have further questions about any of the procedures outlined here, or need help understanding the lingo I used? Want to get to know me better before we begin? Send me an e-mail to request a phone consultation.