I love book clubs so much I have founded four of them. Bringing together avid readers, great books, big ideas, snacks, and wine creates a sensuous feast for the mind, body and soul. If you choose one of my books for your book club and would like to see if I could join in by video chat, send me an email request. If I can be there, I will!

​       —Kathryn

"Book clubs, take note: it's not every day you find a story as moving, thoughtful and discussion-provoking as Kathryn Craft's The Art of Falling."

—Shelf Awareness

An introduction to The Art of Falling—with a message to book clubs!


"We don’t generally read an author twice, even if they have lots of wonderful books out there, so I wanted to make absolutely sure everyone was agreeable to The Far End of Happy. The response was overwhelmingly unanimous, everyone enjoyed The Art of Falling, everyone remembers you telling us about this next story, everyone remembering how gracious you were skyping with us. I’ve never heard this bunch be so quiet as when you were with us!"

—Hilary Hauck, PA

Download a copy of the full discussion guides for

The Art of Falling and The Far End of Happy at the Sourcebooks Book Club page.

 ​​​Kathryn Craft author & developmental editor