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Your Novel Year

This small-group mentorship for novelists, delivered via live

video conference, is yet one more manifestation of the

Writing-Partner philosophy: you don't have to go it alone.

Whether you are writing your first novel or wrestling down

your third, if you are early in its journey and seeking support,

Your Novel Year is the program for you!

The program begins anew each January. The application

deadline is December 20.

The program will support you in finishing your novel through:

  • two-hour craft workshops throughout the year that will inform structurally sound decision-making
  • page turn-ins that will encourage you to stay accountable for pushing forward
  • ​expert feedback that will keep you on track with the story you intend to tell
  • group discussion of key scenes (without having to read each other's pages) to enhance their emotional power
  • two hours of one-on-one phone support
  • ​20% off a developmental edit if used within one year of program completion

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Read on to see what participating writers have said:

“Kathryn keeps the energy humming, encourages without coddling, and really knows her stuff. She's always well-prepared, yet eager to seize the ‘teachable moments’ that are often where the best learning occurs. Her handouts are concise and practical, she's accessible and responsive between sessions, and her feedback is deftly aimed at pushing us toward becoming better and better writers. An outstanding experience!” 

—Barbara Probst, whose 2018 women's fiction project, Queen of the Owls, was published in April 2020

“Kathryn has the gift of being able to break down complex story structure techniques into digestible, teachable bites. Her critiques are dead-on insightful, but served with humor and honesty about her own writing challenges. Because of that, I felt like I could admit my struggles too. The full-day workshops and turn-in deadlines really supported my process. It was a gift to be able to devote time for my dream, in a supportive group of writers, with a teacher dedicated to quality and success.”

—Teri G., 2018 participant, historical women's fiction

“The year-long program was just what I needed to kick-start a novel I had sitting on the back burner for too long. I loved the full-day sessions on craft—and the rigorous schedule of turn-in dates has kept me focused in a way that I was unable to do on my own.”
—Dianna S., 2018 participant, speculative fiction

“Kathryn Craft’s Your Novel Year is truly the best thing I have done for my writing career. It is both writing workshop and personal mentorship. Kathryn provides the technical tools to move a novel forward, all the while guiding you through your personal story journey. She does so with knowledge, care for her craft, and frankly, a good dose of fun. In the end, if you let her, you might just come away with the heart of your story. I can guarantee it.”
—Nicole C., 2018 participant, young adult time travel

“Kathryn showed me what makes a good story and how to craft one myself. My work-in-progress became more tightly plotted and more emotionally powerful. Your Novel Year was everything I hoped for and more!”

—Paul T., 2019 participant, literary fiction 

“Your Novel Year made the difference between me writing a story and being a writer. Kathryn's personable style and deep knowledge of writing craft kept me engaged and interested and inspired.” 

—Wendy R., 2019 participant, historical women's fiction

“Kathryn knows her stuff, hands down. With insight, caring and knowledge, she guides you through your manuscript with the structural writing tools and encouragement you need, guiding you deftly through roadblocks and challenges—even if those might be an unforeseen pandemic. If you have a manuscript stuck in a desk drawer, want to start a new novel, or hone your writing skills, Kathryn Craft's Your Novel Year is for you.”                                                                                                                   —Marielena Z., 2020 participant, historical women's fiction

“Kathryn Craft's Your Novel Year provides the structure and support to see you through writing a novel in 12 months, whether it's your first or fifth. This program is perfect for both novice and seasoned writers, as Kathryn has a wealth of information to share: checklists, craft talk, case studies, and more. She also has an uncanny knack of finding the things every writer needs to improve upon while praising your strengths and always championing your efforts. The community forged with the other participants was a welcome relief from the necessarily solitary task of writing. I can't recommend the program enough.”
—Riina C., 2020 participant, young adult science fiction/fantasy

“Kathryn is an expert on the many mechanical strategies you can deploy to make your novel resonate with readers.” 

—Jessica H., 2021 participant, contemporary young adult 

“While teaching the elements of story and giving practical tips for becoming a published author, Kathryn can conjure illustrative examples like nobody’s business. I wanted to try writing a novel (how hard could it be— ha!) and Kathryn has given me the tools to make a decent go of it.” 

—Diane M., 2021 participant, contemporary women's fiction

“Your Novel Year is the greatest gift for any writer. The classes are packed with helpful advice, knowledge, and inspiration. Kathryn is a master teacher who guides you step-by-step through the writing process. She shows techniques to make your prose stronger, gives invaluable feedback, keeps you on track with your novel, and is an excellent cheerleader for those with self-doubt.”

—Lisa C., 2021 participant, historical women's fiction

“I discovered Your Novel Year after watching Kathryn Craft participate in a panel discussion, during which she talked about the purpose of plot being to drive a character to change. Although Kathryn has since pointed us students at several how-to books that echo this important lesson, it was a light-bulb moment for me. Kathryn has synthesized the best teachings into several hours of lectures. Best of all, she read and edited hundreds of pages of my own work throughout the year. I've found Kathryn to be as flexible as she is wise, which is invaluable if you're juggling writing a novel with other commitments. By the end of the year, I had a vastly improved draft of the novel I had been struggling with for months, and many lessons to put into practice to improve future novels long after Your Novel Year is over.”

—Joyce S., who signed with her dream agent for her 2021 Your Novel Year mystery project with her first query

 ​​​Kathryn Craft author & developmental editor