The Art of Falling (2014, Sourcebooks; 2020, Tantor Audio)

Kathryn's debut novel is set in the Philadelphia dance world, a harsh microcosm of our society's celebrity-driven expectations of women's bodies. As a former modern dancer, choreographer, and 19-year dance critic, Kathryn knows this world. Her interest in body image is personal and life-long (isn't every woman's?) but she researched the issue while obtaining a master's in health and physical education from Miami University, Ohio. Every page of the novel is infused with a dancer's heightened awareness of the human body and its movement. 

The Far End of Happy (2015, Sourcebooks; 2015, Brilliance Audio)

Her second novel is based on true events surrounding the 1997 suicide standoff that resulted in her husband's death. She drafted much of it in memoir form before realizing that the true impact of the tale could not be felt through one woman's point of view. Since constraining the story to the twelve hours of that fateful day seemed the best way to evoke its effect as a turning point in her life, she decided to novelize.

Author in Progress (2016, Writer's Digest Books, Therese Walsh, ed.)
This no-holds-barred guide to what it really takes to get published is brought to you by contributors to the popular Writer UnBoxed blog, which has been in the Top 101 Websites for Writers since its inception 11 years ago by Therese Walsh. My chapter, "A Drop of Imitation: How to Learn from the Masters," pulls on the multi-arts influences I grew up with and sits alongside entries from writing gurus like Donald Maass, David Corbett, Lisa Cron, Heather Webb, and so many more.

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Kathryn Craft writes stories that seek beauty and meaning at the edge of darkness. Rich with material for further thought or discussion, her novels make a great choice for book clubs. 

Long a leader in the southeastern Pennsylvania writing scene, Kathryn served for more than a decade in a variety of positions on the boards of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group and the Philadelphia Writers' Conference, and has been named the 2020 Guiding Scribe for the Women's Fiction Writers Association. Kathryn also hosts writing retreats for women and speaks often about writing. She writes a monthly series, "Mad Skills," at the award-winning blog, Writer UnBoxed, and freelances as a developmental editor at She is a member of the Tall Poppy Writers, a marketing cooperative of women writers. Read more about us below!

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