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  • The Blood-Red Pencil (includes "Busted—An Author Caught Doing Something Right" and "Countdown to a Book")
  • Writers in the Storm, "Turning Whine into Gold." Click here (older posts) and here (newer posts).
  • Writer Unboxed, "Mad Skills"
The 7 Deadly Sins of Self-Editing, co-authored with Janice Gable Bashman, Writer's Digest
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Orchestrating Characters
Combining Characters
The Plot that Swam Away
When to Let Your Inspiration Go
She Aims the Gun as She Edits
Multiple Modifiers: A Portal to Deeper Characterization
5 Steps to Surviving an Edit
Writing that Matters

For a more comprehensive list, go to The Blood-Red Pencil and type "Kathryn Craft" in the search bar. My two popular series, "Busted—An Author Caught Doing Something Right" that takes a close look at the craft used by popular authors from Andre Dubus III to Stephenie Meyer, and "Countdown to a Book" that tracks a year in the traditional publishing process, may be of interest to readers and writers alike. Look for my series, "Turning Whine into Gold" at Writers in the Storm.

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